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Hi, I’m Tracey, a fully insured and qualified Galen Canine Myotherapist based in Hertford.  I treat dogs using therapeutic massage and functional exercises across and around the Hertfordshire area.  I have a particular interest in keeping older dogs fitter for longer.

I have many years of experience working with dogs, having been a dog groomer for over 25 years.  This is where I first started to notice the early signs of discomfort - seeing that some dogs, when on the grooming table, would show postural changes and seem less mobile.  I wanted to know if I could do more to help these dogs.  Galen Myotherapy was the answer to this, offering me understanding of why and how the postural changes come about, and what they might mean for the comfort of the dog.  I can now communicate this information to owners and vets then, once a diagnosis has been reached by the vet, I can offer advice on lifestyle management along with Galen Myotherapy treatments where appropriate.

I am passionate about working alongside owners, the vet and other therapists as part of a multi-modal team with the aim of a happier, healthier and more comfortable life for your dog.

My 13-year-old collie X boxer has benefitted hugely from a multi-modal approach to his emerging arthritis.  Using a mixed approach of medication, lifestyle changes, hydrotherapy and Galen Myotherapy means that he is still a very active dog, enjoying his walks, occasional runs and weekly training classes.  He is proof that we can keep our dogs comfortable and active for longer.

Galen Myotherapy can be beneficial for dogs with mobility issues including osteoarthritis, luxating patella or hip dysplasia and can be effective post-injury or post-surgery.  Treatments are also beneficial for maintaining fitness in working or sporting dogs.

All treatments are performed in accordance with the Galen Myotherapy 'Positive PACT' which means they are choice-led by the dog and are undertaken in their home, on the floor and at their pace with no restraint or force.

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I hold a Level 3 Diploma in
Galen Myotherapy.

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I am proud to be a member of the International association of animal therapists who promote high standards in the animal therapy.


I am a CAM advocate having completed a course for canine professionals about arthritis and it's management.

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