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My rough collie Jessie was 12 years old with quite bad arthritis in her legs when Tracey first treated her using myotherapy.  She is a rather awkward dog who is set in her ways, but Tracey accommodated this, adapting the treatment so that Jessie would be comfortable and as relaxed as possible.  She relaxed into the first couple of sessions and especially enjoyed the work that Tracey did on her head and back.  

I noticed that Jessie showed less stiffness following the initial treatments, suggesting that there was some systemic change resulting from the therapy.  If I had a younger dog, I would introduce them to myotherapy earlier, as I believe that Jessie's arthritis may have progressed more slowly with earlier intervention.

Tracey's manner with Jessie is wonderful.  She is clearly a highly skilled dog handler, who instinctively knows how to help each animal to trust her and relax into the treatment.


Jessie's Owner

Fergus Clarke Photo laying down_edited_edited.jpg

I would highly recommend Tracey, she’s great with my dog Fergus. She really understands his needs and what areas she needs to work on.  Fergus has arthritis in his hips and she great at reading his signals to when he’s in discomfort.
Fergus loves his sessions with Tracey and is always relaxed afterwards and since he started his treatment his movement is a lot better.


Fergus's Owner


Otto responded really well on most occasions, Tracey was always very gentle and won his trust to come to the mat and be worked on. (As a schnauzer known for his stubbornness I was very impressed.)
We could see a difference in Otto and we followed the advice she gave us during the week - and saw an improvement quite quickly.
After having a break through the summer I can see that we need to have another session or two to regain his muscle strength.
I would recommend Tracey to anyone who wants to get their dog back to full strength- her patience and love of dogs is obvious and the work she does really gets results.


Otto's Owner

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