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What is Galen Canine Myotherapy?

Galen Canine Myotherapy® is a massage and exercise rehabilitation therapy which promotes good joint and muscle health.  It can relieve pain and is a useful tool for rehabilitation.  It is beneficial for dogs with any of the following conditions:


Hip dysplasia

Elbow dysplasia

Subluxing patella

Cruciate issues


Soft tissue injuries

Repetitive strain injuries

Ongoing lameness 

Compensatory issues

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What to expect

So, what should you expect once you've booked your dog in?

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Before the Treatment

How do we get started?

  • I will send you a client information form which will gather contact information, details of your vet and details about your dog and their lifestyle. I will also request some photos and videos of your dog if you can manage to get them.

  • I will contact your vet to ask for consent to treat your dog. I only ever treat with the consent of a vet - it is a legal requirement but it also ensures that I have all the relevant information about your dog and their conditions before I start treatment.

  • Once I have consent from your vet, I will call you to book your first appointment.

  • I will start to assess your dog's posture and gait using the information from the client information form and any photos and videos provided. I will reassess when I meet your dog but being able to look through images before I meet them can give me a really good starting point.

  • I will send you a pre-treatment advice sheet.  This will offer advice on how to prepare an area for your dog's treatment along with advice on feeding and medication around the time of treatment.

During the Treatment

What will happen while I am with you?

  • The first consultation - to start your first appointment I will ask questions to build on the knowledge I already have of your dog.  We will then discuss their lifestyle and environment, as we work through this I will offer advice to help you to make adaptations where necessary to protect their joint and muscle health. 

  • Subsequent consultations - we will discuss how you feel your dog has been since their last treatment and overall, also how their home exercise program and home massage are going.  I can also offer further advice wherever needed.

  • The treatment - When I am ready to start treating, I will move to the treatment area and invite your dog over.  My treatment is choice led and it is important that the dog chooses to come to the area and knows that they are free to leave should they feel uncomfortable or unsure.  This helps build the trust and communication between me and them that will become the foundation of good myotherapy treatments.  If you would like to know more about how I work please look at the Galen Myotherapy Positive Pact® information.

  • Finishing up - I aim for a maximum of 40 minutes of hands-on time.  To finish I will offer some time for any questions (especially as during the treatment I may want to remain silent while I concentrate on your dog).

After the Treatment

So what happens next?

After your dogs first treatment I will send you an email containing further information on things we will have discussed, such as:

  • Advice on exercise following your dogs treatment.

  • Details of any functional exercises that I have advised you do with your dog.

  • Any further information necessary on the advice that I offered.


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Initial Treatment

£60 - Up to 90 minutes

This allows for extra time for assessment, consultation and to create a treatment plan.

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Subsequent Treatments

£50 - Up to 60 minutes

Including a shorter consultation and assessment.

There may be additional charges for mileage over 15 miles.
Discounts may be available for multi-dog households.

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